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The Midstopper (BLACK)

The Midstopper (BLACK)

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Above the Knee Baseball Knicker

We're making the look, look good. The Midstopper is the perfect-fitting above-the-knee baseball knicker for the most stylish players on the field. It's an extra short baseball pant that is designed to fit tighter at the thigh and land right above the knee. Just how they want them. Double-check our size guide before ordering to learn more about our fit! We always recommend sizing up if you're between sizes. 

Why players love 'em:

  • Short enough to land right above the knee
  • Stretchy-smooth but durable fabric that's easy to clean (yes, it's true!) 
  • Non-slip grabbers where your pants meet your jersey and your socks
  • A perfect fit that's tight in all the right places

    Finally say goodbye to squeezing into a traditional knicker pant and having to scrunch, fold or hem them to get that shortie look. Our fit and fabric is game-tested and baller-approved. The biggest risk is players won't want to wear anything else.

    These are made with premium ultra-stretch, ultra-soft highly durable baseball pant fabric so they have the fit and feel your player needs to move around the field and look their best. We've added non-slip silicone to the waistband to keep your jersey in place and at the stretchy seams above the knee to help keep your socks in place.

    Please review our size guide and the sizing info below for the perfect fit.


    • Midstoppers have a similar size waist as your standard baseball pant brands but tighter thigh and shorter length
    • When choosing a size, pay closest attention to the waist measurements
    • Our Youth Large is equivalent to an Adult XS and the Youth Extra Large is equivalent to an Adult Small
    • Sizing can be impacted by the height and weight of your player
    • If you have questions about sizing, we're happy to help at

    Model information:

    • Adler and Brooklyn are wearing a YXS and are both 50 inches tall, weigh 60 lbs and have a 20-21in waist
    • Carter is wearing a YXS and is 52 inches tall, 65 lbs and his waist is 21.5 in
    • AJ is wearing a YS and is 54.5 inches tall, 73 lbs and his waist is 22 in
    • Cruz is wearing a YS and is 59 inches tall, 79 lbs and his waist is 24 in
    • Cash is wearing a YM and is 59 inches tall, 83 lbs and his waist is 24 in
    • Lincoln is wearing a YM and is 59 inches tall, 81 lbs and his waist is 23 in
    • Casey is wearing a YL/AXS and is 59 inches tall, 105 lbs and his waist is 29 in
    • Frank is wearing a YXL/AS and is 68 inches tall, 142 lbs and his waist is 31 in
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    Don't hesitate to contact us to request additional colors, sizes or products. Have feedback on fit, feel or durability? We want to hear from you. Your feedback is what keeps us going! Hit us up at